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Apply our signals for currencies, indexes, commodities automatically to your brokerage accounts, execute trades without missing any opportunity. No minimum trading capital required. No commission. Set up within a day.

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“Lifesaver and timesaver! I can still trade while doing my day job.”

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Follow our Chief Analyst, also a TradingView Top Author. Learn how we trade and think. Sometimes you just need a mentor to point you at the right direction.

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Connect yourself with a global network and interact with traders from 40+ countries. Share ideas and strategies in a positive and intelligent community we create for our members.

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Subscription fee is all you need to pay, no add-ons, no commission fee nor profit sharing. You can calculate your return on investment easily.


Mirror Trade Plan

    Access the opportunities of trading with minimum time investment and retain full control of your money by copying our trading strategies, opening and closing positions.

      It is an automated trade copier from our LCFXpro master account to your account and designed specifically for MT4 users. 

      Here we are going to teach you to think like a Fisherman- the key is patience. We will hunt for the big fish that is worth the effort instead of getting the small fish that you will only get bones in the end. 

      Once the subscription process completes, we will contact you to ask for your MT4 details. We will then log in your MT4 account into our VPS and your account will be ready to receive signals and trades from our LCFXpro master account. 


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        Mirror trade plan



        Automated via MT4

        1:500 leverage

        Ideal account balance is $1000

        Any broker is accepted

        Lot sizes will be proportional to your account balance

        2% risk per trade

        Monthly target gain and drawdown is 10%

        Swing-trade focused

        Daily position updates via private channel

        No additional charge, no commission nor profit sharing

        25% OFF

        Signal Plan

        We do all the complex analysis and send you signals and important details via our Slack group to ensure you get real-time notification. Once you sign up and pay, we will include you in our group within an hour.



        1 MONTH


        Clear position type, entry price, take profit and stop loss levels

        Tier 1 economic data and live breaking news

        Market session summary

        London session



        3 MONTHS

        SAVE US$18

        Clear position type, entry price, take profit and stop loss levels

        Tier 1 economic data and live breaking news

        Market session summary

        London session




        6 MONTHS

        SAVE US$10

        Clear position type, entry price, take profit and stop loss levels

        Tier 1 economic data and live breaking news

        Market session summary

        London session

        *Performance graph will be updated on a quarterly basis

        Consistent Performance

        We want to help individuals around the world to achieve financial prosperity.

        We use a number of trading strategies to bring consistent profits and risk per trade is carefully managed. We also believe in being transparent with our results instead of purely bragging about the wins.

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        About Us 

        LCFXpro was co-founded by Surya Teja and April Lam in 2019. They decided to build a forex business to provide a truly professional service to all levels of traders.

        They saw illegitimate service providers taking advantages of forex beginners by setting unrealistic expectation of high gains and promoting complex products that come with hidden costs. Aiming to solve this problem, LCFXpro was founded in 2019 and quickly became a global community for professional traders.

        We believe in setting the right mindset is as crucial as mastering the technical fundamentals, and LCFXpro will help you to achieve your forex trading goals.

        LCFXpro now has members from over 40 countries and the community continues to grow. 

        April Lam 

        Chief Executive Officer

        Surya Teja

        Co-founder, Chief Analyst

        TradingView Top Author

        Jeremy Lange

        Head Trader (Slack Group)

        Alex Schurr

        Analyst (Slack Group)

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        Connect us for any queries, partnership proposal, work with us or simply for staying in our communication loop. You can also follow our free telegram public channel and learn more about what we offer.

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